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1950s Illustration
British doc

Art Principles

Art School VS Reality


Bellinis St Francis

Birth of Bad Taste

Bob Dylans Process

Brief History of Typography
Film about type.


Article on Creativity.

Cultural Appropriation

Dawn Tripp On Writing
Article on the importance of Inspiration.

Dickens and Illustration


French Birds

History of Illustration

How Graphic Design Used to Be


Juan Verdades


Paleo Illustration


Paula Scher @ TED
Designer P. Scher Talks

Short film about illustration.

Picassos Vow

Presidental Portraits

Roy Battys Monologue
From the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner.

Secret Knowledge David Hockney

Too Dumb to be an Artist

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Welcome to Joseph Daniel Fiedler Art - Painting and Illustration. As an award-winning, independent freelance artist-illustrator since 1973, Joseph Daniel Fiedler (Scary Joey) has produced art and illustrations that have appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions. Fiedler has illustrated children's books, and received a Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators of New York. Many leading professional Journals and organizations have recognized Fiedler's paintings and illustrations. Fiedler's personal paintings have been exhibited at galleries in Germany, Japan, and throughout the United States. As a pedagogue, Fiedler has taught painting and illustration at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA and at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI. Fiedler's use of material and imagery make his art very traditional but he prefers to think of it as Neo-traditional. Casual, sketchy drawing, deliberate surface defacement, sanding, scratching, layering and collage put the image into a kind of frame, an historical reference. What he does is create a simulacrum of something that he's seen before, reproduced somewhere, buried under layers of yellowed varnish and partially torn. Not surprisingly, the suggested retro look and feel of generic, vernacular art of the late 1940's and '50's relates to the time in which Fiedler grew up. Fiedler has lived in Pittsburgh, PA, Tokyo, Japan, Taos, NM, Detroit, MI and now resides in Grass Valley, CA. Click here to learn about Joseph Daniel Fiedler, browse portfolios, and view past and current exhibitions.